Please find below, my file packs, that are available for your use.

Some of the files contained are to help empower you and your communities, and others you may just find useful. You may also find files available here that will allow you and your communities to get involved in various actions i am working on. I cant always tell you exactly how they will help, but rest assured, im working hard in the background to make the right kind of noise.

Memory Stick Download Tips

PLEASE NOTE: Geza's Memory Stick Download DOES NOT INCLUDE the Dr Sam White File, or the MP Letter Pack. These can be downloaded seperately below and added to your memory stick/pen drive...

PLEASE NOTE: Although not essential, It is recommended you look at all documents you include on your memory stick defense upon download, so you have an understanding of what you are using in your defence should it be needed. It would also be good practice to type a short document in your own words, to bind the documents, explaining the relevence and also referencing each file you have included as evidence on your memory stick


Legal Letter against the MHRA. You could consider adding this document to your memory stick, being part of your defense if you were to be arrested whilst compaigning

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The Recovery Trial Study Protocol of Hydroxychloroquine for the use of treating Covid 19. Undermined by this report....

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To Download the pack of documents Geza has sent to 647 MP's, in preparation for an action Monday 29th November

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These yellow card leaflets have been making some noise across the country. they have had MPs, families and even TV Personalities talking about them

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Here you can find the "Pen Drive" USB memory stick Geza carries around full of his evidence to protect him in the event of arrest. feel free to add your own evidences to your stick also.

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Please do not mis-interpret any of the above as legal advice. I am not qualified or trained as a solicitor or legal representative.

Many areas of criminal law appear to be based on the circumstances of arrest and the police's claims of your wrongdoing. Although it is vital we get the evidences in a court of law, to expose the covid con, depending on what you have been charged for, the downloads above may not be a "cover-all" defence.Although I am doing my best to help everyone where I can, I must accept no liability for what you present as a defence in a court.