What can I do? How can I help?

The good people of this country who want the old normal back ask me this so regularly. Below is just a few ways you can help.

An action for all.


Get yours.... Keep pushing the YELLOW CARD LEAFLET and pressure those who say they are on side to prove it.... These leaflets have made lots of noise... but I'm sure they can make more!....

Leaflet code FMKR5149129

Get a price for volume and get them delivered




Sharing content whether from my social media platforms or this website helps to get information out there. One of my aims is to empower as many people as possible with my knowledge and experience. Also, for group actions, people cant help if the news hasnt made its way around to them...


From Home

Keep an eye out for my latest videos for things to do, like, for example, the Yellow Card Leaflets. There are often things you and your communities can take part in close to home that has the potential to make a bigger difference.


Get involved - Join us!

Show support at events. Come and join us! The more people at a protest shows the opposition the scale of the problem. I appreciate that not evedryone can attend every time, that being the case, please contribute via social media.


Bank Transfer

Geza Tarjanyi Co-op bank account

s/c 08-92-49 a/n 15095505